Business Counsel

Creatively Customized

BearingStone advises all kinds of businesses through every stage of development, from formations and daily operations to mergers and succession planning. We’re a boutique firm, and tailor our counsel to each client.

Areas of Advice

  • business formation​
  • mergers and acquisitions​
  • daily operating needs​
  • intellectual property​
  • corporate governance​
  • corporate governance​
  • leases and contracts​

Industry Experience

  • hospitality
  • food and beverage​
  • real estate​
  • private vineyards and wineries​

Customized Counseling

Most businesses can benefit from in-house legal advice, but many are stuck in the middle: big enough to need the help, but too small to justify full-time counsel. We know the challenge. As a boutique, outside counsel, we can cater our work to meet your business’s needs, anticipating day-to-day challenges without straining your resources.

Starting Small

The younger the business, the more legal help it often needs. Building a solid legal foundation early on can save trouble, time, and money down the line — but many early-stage operations either don’t think to or can’t afford to get help. That’s why we offer affordable, efficient counsel, catered to the specific needs of young businesses

First Steps

We advise on the unique legal challenges of young businesses, including:

  • choice of entity​
  • ownership structure​
  • buy-sell agreements​
  • risk assessment​

Growth Goals

BearingStone also provides essential document packages covering:
  • business formation and corporate representation​
  • corporate governance and compliance​
  • commercial transactions​
  • business contracts​
  • mergers and acquisitions​
  • due diligence​
  • data room creation and management​
  • stock/asset purchase and sale​

Paper Chase

As your business grows, your legal needs change, and our counsel evolves to match:
  • business governance
  • non-disclosure and confidentiality
  • intellectual property assignments​
  • shareholder agreements