Estate Planning

Live Richly

At BearingStone, we see estate planning as much more than just death and taxes. Putting your finances in order is about enjoying your estate now, and making sure its inheritors can enjoy it later. A well-planned estate means a richly lived life, for you and your beneficiaries.

Your Estate is as Unique as You Are

At BearingStone, we cater our legal help to your specific needs, from property and investments to health care and taxes, from all-inclusive plans to simple wills. We’ll make sure your assets go where and to whom you want, and make sure the right people are making the right decisions about your life and legacy when you cannot and after you’re gone.

Building a Solid Foundation

Whether you’re old or young, have many assets or few, estate planning is an important decision for you and your family. Your life’s work matters. We’ll work with you to help make the most of it, for now and for the future.